ABC Yarn Book

Yarn Book ABC

Time for a some book making fun for little letter learners!

My son and I made this book a few years ago and even though he knows his letters now, I still spot him tracing the letters in this book with his finger every once in a while.

Yarn Books

If your little one is still learning letters, try this tactile letter building activity:

  1.  Cut paper and punch a hole in two corners.
  2. Cut various lengths of yarn.
  3. Write a letter on each page, using glue. (I did this part.)
  4. Apply the yarn pieces.
  5. Set aside to dry.
  6. Attach with binder clips or string. (The book ends up really thick because of the puffy yarn, so stapling wouldn’t work.)
  7. Enjoy!

Do you like glitter? I do not. (Gets in my eye every. single. time.) But if you do, you could make a glitter ABC book using the same technique. Do you have older kids who are learning cursive? How about some cursive yarn words?


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