Legos Make Poetry Fun

Turn a handful of Lego bricks into a fun poetry activity!

Just use some adhesive labels or tape, and write all sorts of words and short phrases. Kids can create towers of rhyming words, nonsensical sentences, or any other poetry they like.

A few notes…

I used blank adhesive address labels, which I cut to size.  (Obviously roughly.)  You could type or stamp these, or write right on the Lego with Sharpie.  I was nervous that my idea wouldn’t work, and I didn’t want to ruin a bunch of Legos, so I went the label route.

I consulted these directions for making magnetic poetry.  It’s the same concept, which made it easier to choose words without having to think too hard.

Do make sure to put pairs of rhyming words on different bricks, since kids are likely to want to use them both in one poem.

I made a few phrase bricks, just in case they got stuck.  “There once was a…”  “who ate a…” 

Let me know if you try this.  I would love to see your cute creations!


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    Thanks, Jen! I'll check out Laugh-eteria. I don't remember that one, but anything silly is a big hit around here. I love your post today! Great ideas for sharing nursery rhymes with babies and young toddlers.

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    Hello! Thank you for commenting on my blog, so that I get to come and explore yours :)

    My older daughter had a total block with rhyming until recently, so I think she'll really enjoy us adapting our set to add some more rhyming words now that she's figured it out.

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    Thank you so much for visiting! I hope the rhyming words work for your daughter. I know I’ll be adding some individual letters to our collection, like you did.

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