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This shadow book activity is one of my very favorite ways to take the literacy outside!

shadow book 4

shadow book 3

Next time the sun is shining, grab a camera and a kid, and head out for a walk.

  1. As you stroll, follow behind your child and snap a few pictures along the way.
  2. Save and crop the pictures so the shadow is the focal point in each image. You can do it in Instagram as you walk, or save that part for when you get home. I like PicMonkey best for desktop editing. (Affiliate link)
  3. Ask your kiddo to take a look at each photo and describe what the shadow appears to be doing. Add those descriptions to the photos.
  4. Print and assemble your shadow book! We glued ours to a little hardcover blank book that we had on hand. You could just staple them together or upload them to a photo sharing site and create a fancy photo book!

Although I did this with my little guy when he was three, this would easily work for older kids to. As long as they get to hold the camera, that is!

shadow book 5

There you have it. A great fix for cabin fever, a descriptive writing activity and a super sweet keepsake!


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