Reading and Writing on the Road

I can’t believe it’s May!  It’s been nine months of driving kids to school, to practices, to play dates, home from school… Are you getting tired of the same ol’ driving routine yet?  If so, here are some ideas to spice up your commute. (Walkers and bus riders can get in on the fun too.)

Fortunately during car rides, my kids are usually willing to just sit and chat with me, something they are slightly less likely to do when they aren’t strapped down. For the most part, we talk and listen to music and look out the window. But then there are those days when the passengers (and/or the driver) are just feeling a bit grouchy, annoying, or argumentative.  Those are the days when we need a distraction.  That’s when we bust out the car games!

I started to keep a list of our favorite car games, and I noticed that lots of them have some reading and writing skills built in. (Shocker, I know!) So I typed them up to share with you.  Just click here and print your own free copy, cut pages in fourths and attach with a binder ring.  For best results, I recommend printing on cardstock and laminating. 

Read and Write on the Road is a little guide for you to print and keep in your glove compartment for those times when you’d like some fun ideas that sharpen literacy skills while passing the miles.

In the guide, you’ll find fourteen games and activities, including old standards, like an alphabet themed version of I Spy.   There are some ideas for creative storytelling, and persuasive speaking, and games that practice letter and sound recognition and reinforce comprehension skills. I’ve also included some suggestions for creating road kits for your kids, and a few of our favorite audiobook recommendations.

Directions are short and simple, so you can get the gist of the games while you’re parked and remember them long enough to explain them while you’re driving.

And as I mentioned, it’s May already. Which means summer is around the corner, and these would be perfect for a summer road trip.

What are your favorite tricks to keep the kiddos happy in the car?


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