Costume Book

Happy day-after-Halloween! I hope the sugar crash at your house isn’t too horrible.
To help with the post boo letdown, here’s a book-making project to honor that super special costume. (And the kid that wore it!)

My little one is all about the Power Rangers. The “Golden” Power Ranger, specifically. We purchased the appropriate Power Ranger costume two months ago, and it was already pretty much worn out and almost too small by Halloween. I’m sure he’ll continue to wear it every day until the seams split, but since that may (hopefully) happen soon, we made a little book to remember his special outfit.

Here’s how:

  1. I took some random pictures of my little guy playing in his costume.
  2. I applied an Instagram filter because sometimes that helps make up for my crummy photography. It didn’t necessarily help this time, but they look better than they did. (Note: It’s hard to take pictures of a fast-moving Power Ranger.)
  3. I uploaded to Pic Monkey and added text. My son told me what to type.
  4. I printed each image, stuck them into a blank book, and read and re-read the book to my son a thousand or so times.

A fun way to remember the Golden Power Ranger long after the jumpsuit has moved on to it’s next adventure!


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