Read All Over

Hey, remember this goofy old riddle?

Q: What’s black and white and red all over?
A: The newspaper!

(The “red” should obviously be “read” in that sentence, but I wasn’t sure how I should type it since I didn’t want to give away the riddle. Hmm.)

Anyway, since this month is about the color red, with Valentine’s Day and hearts and all, that little riddle popped into my head… So I shared it with my kids… So that lead to a family newspaper! (And a newspaper template for you!)

Even if you can’t follow my convoluted logic above, you may want to try writing a family newspaper. It’s a fun way to review the week and report the happenings from around the world or in your home. Use the family newspaper to update Dad after a business trip, to share with grandparents, or to just save as a keepsake to remember the little and big important events that happened during this week in history.

You can download the printable here. The download includes a blank template to write on and a version to use with PowerPoint. (Just highlight sample text and type your own, add images, and customize to suit your own family.) There’s also a prewriting sheet to help you get a plan together before writing.

For more ideas about writing a family newspaper, check out this post from Playful Learning, or this one from Imagination Soup.  I also just read about this super cool online tool for creating your own newspaper articles.

Ok, that’s the scoop! Report back and let me know what you think.


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